Touch Hills

I have wandered through the Touch Hills with my friend Ian. From these hills you get a wonderful view of the Forth Valley.

In the old churchyard of St Ninian’s, Stirling, I came across this ancient tombstone:

Apart from the trade symbols and those of mortality, the only inscription on the stone is “ROBERT COLQUOUN – KATHARINE MERCER”

It is my understanding that this refers to the Robert Colquoun of Touch Mill who died in 1798. I have not been able to establish when his wife, Katharine Mercer, died.

The archives seem to have very few details of Robert and Katharine, in fact the only reference that I have been able to find is this one [but it is quite fascinating]:

I find myel’ imagining riding through the TOUCH hills like Don Quixote! Oh to be a romantic!



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