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With the Covid-19 pandemic and ‘lock down’ I have been retreating into the garden where I need not distance myself from the emerging green shoots of life.

I have recently added this Latin phrase above the doorway to our garden:

It translates as “it is by living we learn” and was the ‘motto’ of the social maverick Patrick Geddes.

I find that in the garden I can let my thoughts wander, to naturally muse.

Our garden neighbours the village playpark and the bowling green. At present there are neither the happy sounds of children playing nor the competitive encouragements of aulder wans on the bowling green. But today, in the garden, I can hear the birds sing more clearly than ever and it is beautiful.

It is now late March and camelias and daffodils are bringing colour:

I like to read in the garden and have ‘brought’ some of the words of others into the open:

Our garden leads out to Nineveh Fountain – an ancient reminder that the world is local:

Frogs have been busy in our pond (doing what they do at this time of year):

And the ducks returned early, but just for a few days. No doubt they will return – they always do:

Our dear neighbour Crawford is well. We often chat from garden to garden and I  spotted his gardener return for the new season with his barrow:

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