Christina: a new folk performance

Last night, in Brechin Town House, I was fortunate to be among the audience for this new folk performance by Essa Flett: a beautiful imagination of the life Miss Christina Gib (1824-1863).

Essa Flett, a young, current, and award-winning musician has brought Christina alive in a way that no manuscript alone could do. In a wonderful [multi-media] performance Essa took us on her exploration of Christina Gib’s world (then and now) as based on Christina’s surviving musical notebook.

If you get a chance to see this ‘new folk performance’ make sure that you take it! Essa Flett makes new of special old, in a performance that is personal, real, and imaginary. And the music! Listen to Essa, and despite lost time and story, you will hear Christina Gib.

You can follow the Christina Gib Project here.

Essa Flett’s film, ‘The Making of Christina’:

A few images from the performance of ‘Christina’, in Brechin Town House, Thursday 20th February 2020:



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