20/20 vision – right to reply [an edited transcript]

Without sharing a little of the backdrop, and some of the thoughts that inspired it, this film risks being misunderstood.

My last day as a doctor was on 20-1-20.

I had 20/20 vision for a relatively short time!

It was at Secondary school that my visual acuity deteriorated: initially without me noticing. I was then a pupil at Firrhill High, a large comprehensive school in Edinburgh.

I was never bullied at school. I was popular and had support from the ‘toughest’ of classmates despite my gentle nature. Even ‘Thug’ befriended me!

I have always been open and willing to ask questions.

I am not sure why, but it was only in my mid-late period as a doctor that I faced bullying. Such that by 20/20 I could take no more.

Psychiatry determinedly offers ‘insight’. Might it be silly, perhaps even mad, to consider this as 20/20 acuity?

Music credit: ‘Lord Anthony‘ by Belle and Sebastian

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