Ten years of communication with Professor Appleby

Millie Kieve: “I have been communicating with Professor Appleby for 10 years, to try to have the well recorded risk of suicidal feelings due to prescribed drugs or withdrawal effects, recorded in the Suicide Prevention Strategy. So far to no avail.”

This film presents missed opportunities, in particular the potential role of prescribed medications as risk factors for suicide . This film presents a timeline from 2002 to 2019 in relation to England’s National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

A Timeline of Missed Opportunities:

Since making this film, and it is now several years old, the National Suicide Prevention Strategy has offered no response.

Music credits: [all made free to share under common license by Dexter Britain]
(1) ‘Perfect I am Not’
(2) ‘From Truth’
(3) ‘Chasing Time’

Film credits:
(1) ‘A message from Professor Louis Appleby’ for Zero Suicide Alliance (April 2017)
(2) ‘Remember Amy’ a Presentation by Beverley Thorpe for (AD4E) A disorder for everyone (July 2019)

Thanks to Millie Kieve for kindly agreeing to let me use the recording of her January 2004 phone call to Manchester Coroners Office.

Thanks to Marion Brown and Beverley Thorpe for their help with this film

This film is for all those affected by suicide.

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