“Balyarrow forever”

The weekend before last we were in Fife exploring it’s northern Kingdom. As we were coming up the hill towards Creich castle I noticed two dilapidated, square built, iron roofed buildings. I said to Sian, “wow, they look like our Hermit’s Hoose” (the shed I built in our back garden)

When we got home we had a look at the old ordinance survey maps and found that we had come across another abandoned curling pond:

So this weekend we returned to have a closer look at Balyarrow:

I chalked “Balyarrow forever” on the inside wall, of the now empty, curling house.

This is a short film I made on nearby Abdie Curling Hoose:

Here is a newspaper report about a curling match held at Balyarrow [from March 1844]:

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