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Almost 2 months have passed since I first wrote to Minervation Ltd and I have had no reply. I have therefore decided to share my follow-up communication [see below]:

To: Minervation Ltd
Tuesday 23rd July 2019.

Dear Minervation Ltd,
I would be grateful if either you  would answer these questions about your business. To be clear I fully support business but follow GMC and Royal College Guidance that science and medical education requires transparency and, if there is any doubt about any potential financial conflicts of interest, to err on disclosing all: openly and fully. Unfortunately my experience is that academics and doctors will often taint such necessary openness by stating that asking for such is “ad hominem”.

Can you also confirm if Minervation Ltd and The Mental Elf support sunshine legislation or not?

Kindest wishes

Dr Peter Gordon
Bridge of Allan

To: Minervation Ltd
9 July 2019

Dear Minervation Ltd,
Can you please confirm if the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has approved Minervation/Mental Elf’s strapline:


I ask these questions as I share Minervation’s determination to do all that we can to ensure evidence-based science. To do this we all need to encourage full transparency. Given that Minervation Ltd does not support Sunshine legislation, and for a number of other ethical and scientific reasons, it is my view that your business strapline is misleading.

I look forward to a reply.

Aye Peter Gordon
Bridge of Allan

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