From Thimble Row to Girgenti

Isabella Thomson Masters was born at 11am on the 15th August 1860 at 19 Hospital Street, Perth.  Her young mother worked in a factory and could not read or write. Isabella, an illegitimate child, grow up in poverty and was no doubt stigmatised for circumstances over which she had no control.

In June 1887 Isabella Thomson married Henry Logan, a left luggage Clerk at Perth Railway Station. Henry Logan was in his 60th year at the time of marriage and one wonders if [in someway] he was the “father figure” that she had never known? Together they had three children.

Into a new century a dreadfully sad story emerges:

And here the details are painfully set out in the local newspaper for all to read:

Isabella Thomson had a number of court appearances and on her last appearance had to be forcibly removed from Court after trying to strike her sister:

Isabella was sent to Girgenti, Ayrshire:

Whilst there her elderly husband died and their children were taken into care:

Isabella frequently tried to escape from Girgenti [please note Isabella appears to have given false details about her age]:

This was the “timetable” for Girgenti ‘Inmates’:

Just before he died, Isabella’s husband wrote to Girgenti, stating:

After leaving Girgenti Isabella remarried to a Dundee Jute worker and seems to have had another child. She died in November 1925 in the Salvation Army Home. Her death record makes no mention of her troubled history with alcohol. I do not know what happened to her children.


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