Big Pharma with the help of the British Journal of Psychiatry

This paper, funded, researched and written by Eli Lilly was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2000.

In this paper the word “relapse” is used 64 times.

The word “withdrawal” does not appear at all.

The word “dependence” also does not feature  [as in prescribed drug dependence].

It troubles me that this paper was ever approved for publication. This is marketing not science. The full paper can be provided on request.

This as the synopsis as given on page one:

This was the summary box given as conclusions:

Here is the declaration of competing interests and the timeline for publication:

Today, one of these authors is a Senior Director for Worldwide Clinical Trials, another is Senior Director for PRMA Consulting, a company that offers to “maximise the pricing and market access potential of your early pipeline”

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