Award culture in British Psychiatry

For my previous post I visited the Royal College of Psychiatrists website. I was seeking to establish if the archive on the Defeat Depression Campaign remained unavailable [actually I found that it can no longer be found through the College publicly-facing search system]

However, on opening the RCPsych website the above appeared. I can only speak personally but I have concerns about the award culture that has developed in psychiatry – and indeed in medicine generally. My fear is that such a culture may encourage deference to a professional body before patients. It also may discourage speaking up by professionals and in this way a particular narrative may be more easily sustained.

The previous CEO of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Vanessa Cameron, said in December 2016 that British Psychiatry now has a “puritanical” relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.

The two psychiatrists that feature on the current front page of the Royal College of Psychiatrists website are:

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