In a Name

“So fuck that. Fuck Normal” said one of today’s finest Scottish writers.

Another Scottish writer worried “He is partially crazy, yes. He is maybe seventy-six percent crazy”

Robert Louis Stevenson was fascinated by the “the uneven surface of the self” and one of his many biographers said this about him:“what to write about: his subject was always, somehow, himself.”

The following film is loosely connected by my [once] commonplace name: it is two fingers-up to narcissism and shouts: “fuck that”.

(1) Peter Gordon, Forres gardener, was my great-great-uncle.

(2) every ‘other’ Peter Gordon that features in this film has no [known] relationship with my family

(2) my family descend from the Gordons of Lost (in Strathdon)

(3) Thank you to C. Duncan for “Talk Talk Talk” [without which soundtrack this film would never have become]

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