“Aye, Right! is a Scotticism in which a double positive forms a negative. It is generally used as a sarcastic response to question or to challenge a presumption.

The following news feature is in the current BMJ:

These official figures have attracted a number of responses.

On social media, Dr Samei Huda, author of the forthcoming bookThe Medical Model in Mental Health” gave his “explanation and evaluation” of these official figures:

“[the] increase in prescriptions [is] due to use in pain [and] more people seeking treatment and longer duration [of treatment] to prevent relapse as per guidance”

And in response to the following rapid-response to the BMJ, Dr Huda stated: “Sadly the letter did not honestly address the reasons but made claims on poor evidence. Leadership is not about listening to people who make points that are not backed by the evidence nor give proper context about effectiveness”

Dr Huda’s forthcoming book “The Medical Model in Mental Health: an Explanation and Evaluation” will no doubt share the evidence base that fully validates long-term prescribing of antidepressants. Given the paucity of evidence for such long-term treatment, many of those who have experience of taking antidepressants in the longer term may be muttering “Aye, Right!”

Footnote: Dr Huda, a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, will be signing his book at the International Congress of the Royal College of  Psychiatrists in early summer as shared by some of those leading the college.






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