“A wrong un’ when you see it”

The January 2019 edition of the British Journal of Psychiatry has, as its theme: Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders.

In the Journal a “consensus definition” of “treatment resistance” was provided by a “representative panel of bipolar disorder experts” whose declarations of interest were provided as above.

One of these experts said recently, in introducing a critique on the following systematic review [below], that he “could spot a wrong un’ when he sees it”.

I am not an expert in bipolar disorders but I have practised as a psychiatrist for quarter of a century and as part of my interest in ethics have campaigned for full transparency of competing interests. It is arresting to see  the scale of competing interests in those who provide the latest “consensus” on “treatment resistance”. In line with the Royal College of Psychiatrists policy on transparency of any potential competing interests I have put together this visual representation:

Maybe you also have the ability “to spot a wrong un’ when you see it” and if so please feel free to add a comment below.


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  1. Unfortunately there isn’t a very ethical feeling about your graphic.Warm fuzziness does not exude from it. In a more enlightened moment or a less commercial world, I may think that perhaps it could be construed by some as psychiatry having close ties with industry so as to benefit the patient. Perhaps feedback from psychiatry regarding the safety and efficacy of long term use of psychiatric medications would be the result of these close ties. I wish. Whats even more worrying is the barefaced admission in the declarations of interest statements above. Psychiatry taking money from those who wish to peddle their wares to their patients is just plain wrong. I can’t see it any other way.

  2. Thanks for your work exposing their enmeshment Peter
    It’s hard to fight people who have no shame, but please don’t stop
    Take care

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