The Rebel Antiquary

I write and make films in my study or sanctum sanctorum. This is the comfy domain of ‘The Antiquary’.

This film is inspired by others and by their wonder. It is a film that considers passing time and does so by opening doorways and gateways to memory.

The soundtrack is from the BBC Proms of June 2017 ‘Scott Walker Revisited’ featuring Jarvis Cocker, Susanne Sundfør, John Grant and Richard Hawley.

The film has many collaborations (nearly all unknown to them): Oswald bates from ‘Shooting the Past’, Gregory’s Girl, Trumpton, Camberwick Green, the farm of ‘Lost’, King Kong, Drumdruills orchard, Walter Scott’s butterfly wallpaper at Abbotsford, the Cabrach, F R Leavis, C P Snow, the British Journal of Psychiatry, Iain Crichton Smith, Alexander McCall Smith, Richard Holloway, Julian Barnes, Penelope Fitzgerald, Peter Davidson, Ernest Hemingway, Edwin Morgan, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Mary Midgley, Raymond Tallis, Vrirginia Wolff, Deborah Levy, Montaigne, Jessie Burton, Yann Martel, magpies, angels, snake oil salesman, Gabriel García Márquez, Evelyn Waugh, Tomas Transtömer, Leonard Cohen, Thomas Mann, Charles Dickens, my family, me.

Walter Scott’s wallpaper, Abbotsford, the Scottish Borders.

King Kong (1933)


The “divorce” between science and philosophy.

Gregory’s Girl.

Oswald Bates from ‘Shooting the Past’ (BBC)

By living we learn.

Neon yellow (please read Ian Crichton Smith’s poem ‘Two Girls Singing’)

Hole Ousia and the so-called “two cultures”

My family.

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