‘The Inflamed Mind’

This is the title of a recently published book by Professor Ed Bullmore of the University of Cambridge.

This book gained generally uncritical reviews, such as this :

Almost a decade earlier, Professor Ed Bullmore was lead author of this article published in the British Journal of Psychiatry:

When I first read this I wondered what Raymond Tallis might make of Professor Bullmore’s  ‘propositions’?

I have been taking paroxetine (an SSRI antidepressant) for over 20 years: a medication that was marketed to doctors to ease anxiety by “correcting” a “chemical imbalance”. I have come to consider that this medication, prescribed in good faith to relieve anxiety, has had enduring effects on my brain.

It worries me that current paid opinion leaders, such as Professor Carmine Pariante and Professor Ed Bullmore are now stating that it is not just our brains that may be “inflamed” but also our minds.

The Immunopsychiatry Consortium receives funding from:

For a full list of those part of Immunopsychiatry Consortium this “Supplementary Appendix” provides details.


Please note: I refute any potential charge of “neurophobia”. If in doubt, read, listen and watch all that I have made available to all.

I suggest that ‘neurophobia’ is yet another unhelpful label.  It is a single word and a neologism. It may even be a marketing tool.

Perhaps it is the Pharmaceutical industry that “cannot afford to be neurophobic”?

[the above is a chapter heading by the philosopher Mary Midgley who recently died in her hundredth year]

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