‘The story is hair raising’

The BMJ of the 12th October 2018 had on its cover: “MESH: how it became a four letter word”. The journal is worth reading for a series of articles that carefully consider the polypropylene Mesh scandal. The BMJ is now calling for Sunshine legislation. I have been campaigning for this for many years.

In Scotland I have supported the Mesh survivors and have shared my considerations with the existing bodies, authorities and establishments involved in medical governance, education, and regulation. For convenience, I share my considerations in date order below:

Dr Peter J Gordon - Submission on PE1517 Polypropylene Mesh Medical Devices 

To seek balance in appreciation where expertise rests 

Robust clinical governance must surround treatment 

Mesh implants and fully informed consent 

Conflicts of interest and polypropylene Mesh implants 

Credible or incredible - experience is evidence 

'We were duped, we were used' 

Fully informed consent 

Exposure to industry promotional activity can lead to doctors recommending worse treatments for patients  

Two years of no sunshine 

'Blow that argument to smithereens'

What steps can be taken to ensure that patient voices are listened to and heard

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