NICE reconsults on depression guidelines

I recently read an article in PULSE which revealed that NICE has launched a second consultation on a new guideline for treating and managing depression in adults. The article explained some of the backdrop to this unusual late stage development:

“A group of mental health experts wrote to NICE in November 2017 to say they were ‘extremely concerned about significant flaws in methodology, lack of transparency and inconsistencies in the document.”

Seeking further clarifications on this development I wrote to NICE. It has now been confirmed that NICE  “decided to offer a meeting to the authors of the 17th November letter to discuss their concerns with them. The meeting took place on 27th April. Afterwards, NICE decided to run a second consultation.”

I wrote again to NICE to ask for details of this meeting of the 27th April 2018 with the authors of the “expert briefing” and I have now been informed by NICE that “the meeting on 27th April was not minuted or otherwise recorded.” Given the call for transparency by this expert group I find this most disappointing.


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