This short film was inspired by a beautiful piece of music composed and recorded by James Moore.

James kindly provided the music to me and gave me free reign to bring images to it.

James has become a friend and correspondent through our shared experience of harm caused by prescribed antidepressants.

James introduced this musical piece to me as follows: “the title is ‘Remembering’ and it was written as I was thinking about all the lives impacted by these drugs, the impact on people, on families, on careers. For me I wanted to capture what I feel is the ghost of my former life that is never far from my thoughts.”

The film that I have made carries clips from “From Scotland with Love”, “Gregory’s Girl” and an old family clip where we have fun in a garden. The film also includes a line from a poem by Iain Banks: “Progress hardly broke its stride”.

I have attempted to indicate in this film that learning comes from living and not just through scientific studies, which whilst important, are not sufficient in themselves. In my opinion, science cannot provide a ‘Finished Article” on subjective experience. Hence the title “FIN”.

It is by living that we learn. Let this wisdom be carried forward by our children.


To play this short film please click here or on the image above

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