Strong Clinical Leadership

The Chief Medical Officer’s third annual report, Practising Realistic Medicine, was published on Friday, 20th April 2018

It was introduced as follows: “Realistic Medicine has always had people at its heart. This latest report, Practising Realistic Medicine, aims to move the conversation on from a set of guiding principles to a discussion about how Realistic Medicine can be practically applied.”

The following is discussed within the report:

As an NHS doctor working in Scotland, this approach has my fullest support. However, I remain concerned that informed, shared decision making cannot be realised if experts, academics and doctors are able to hide potential competing financial interests. This is why I petitioned the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce a Sunshine Act.

On the day of publication of Practising Realistic Medicine, the Chief Executive of NHS Scotland supported the statement that “strong clinical leadership is required”. It remains my hope that the Scottish Government, as part of its Realistic Medicine initiative, will also demonstrate strong leadership in addressing this fundamental issue.

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