Can you unfeel that?

Belle & Sebastian at Perth Concert Hall, Friday 23rd March 2018.

The following quotes have been used as idents:

Mukul Kesavan – “I would step into the real world of colour television”

A S Byatt – “I had a project as a small boy”

Madeleine Thien – “I think history is not so different to music”

Madeleine Thien – “More hidden thoughts than a cart load of books”

Albert Camus – “But naturally, it’s impossible to be logical all the time”

A L Kennedy – “So fuck that. Fuck normal”

A L Kennedy – “the girl has extraordinary lovely eyes”

Andrew Greig – “We’re all passing through, it’s just a question of how brightly”

John Berger – “she laughed her seventeen-year-old laugh”

Ali Smith – “It takes serious talent, to be as sensitive”

Robert Seethaler – “He looked at her, and she smiled”

Robert Seethaler – “that brief smile that afternoon”

Hanya Yanagihara “Being with you is like being in this fantastic landscape”

John Berger – “the number of lives that enter our own is incalculable”

Anne Tyler – “Why select just a certain few stories to define yourself”


Madeleine Thien – “The story began halfway through the lyrics of a song”

John Berger – “H E R E is where we meet”

A L Kennedy – “She shows colours upon colours”

Ted Hughes – “In his imagination he melted iron bars”

Edwin Morgan – “a selection of a selection of a selection”

Deborah Levy – “What if I can’t imagine another culture?”

Candia McWilliam – “Can you unfeel that?”

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