Follow a line. Follow an idea. Follow a story. Follow a rhythm

On July 2014, on our summer holidays in Tuscany, one of the books that I read was “The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance” by Edmund de Waal. My wife Sian also read it. We both agreed that it was rather special. Indeed it was my favourite read of that summer.

I find that I can identify with de Waal’s obsession with objects and passing time. Such obsession comes across in his work with wonderful feel: a synaesthesia of the senses with a sparingly beautiful poetic way of expression.

The following “line” of images is a brief something of what struck my senses from de Waal’s latest book “The White Road“.

I would recommend his work to one and all.

edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-1 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-3edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-10

edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-5 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-8 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-13 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-14 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-16 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-17edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-7edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-11edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-15 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-18 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-20 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-21edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-12edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-24edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-31 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-23 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-36 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-32 edmund-de-waal-the-white-road-37

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