Gauch farm, Cabrach

This is a film about a remote farm in Cabrach, Scotland.

This farm is called “Gauch” (phonetic pronunciation is ‘jaach’)

For centuries this was the homestead of generations of “Peter Gordons”. God Forbid! A family though that is unrelated to me.

I did not give myself the name “Peter Gordon” but it is the only name that remotely captures me. All other classifications fail. They are not even in the distant sky.

One of the sons of Gauch was Robert Gordon of Straloch who was pioneer map-maker of Scotland (17c)

Gauch farm has been empty for decades. The farmhouse was split in two to make way for Aldunie’s farm machinery.

Cut in-half the farmhouse has become a special place for me, where I find freedom from what its current form curiously symbolises: divides.

Such divide has been described as “Caledonian antisyzygy” but this is a guy muckle term that I find sticks in my throat.

How many splits can you think of?

Here are a few that Hole Ousia considers:

  • objective and subjective
  • mind and body
  • science and arts

This film is carried by the track “Distant Sky” recently released by Nick Cave.

The most lovely aspect of Gauch is that it now lets in sunshine and indeed the distant sky.

All footage is my own.

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