“Authenticity”: The British Journal of Psychiatry

I have always enjoyed the 100 word summary in the British Journal of Psychiatry, even if I may be troubled by matters made simpler than they really are!

In the current edition of the British Journal of Psychiatry, September 2015, the 100 words try to summarise “Authenticity:

Authenticity, Br J Psychiatry Sept 2015

Recently I made a film about the history of the cover of the Journal of my College: By yellow lights tormented. In doing so I reviewed the archive of the Journal stemming back the full 22 years that I have been working as an NHS psychiatrist. In only one edition did I find that the adverts of those sponsoring the journal had been included in the archive. This concerned me.

In the current edition of the British Journal of psychiatry there are three full page adverts, all for medical treatments for ADHD. I wonder if they will be included in the archive?

Elvanse Adult, Br J psych Sept 2015

Matoride XL, B J Psych 2015

Medikinet XL B J Psych Sept 2015

However we choose to summarise “authenticity” I very much agree that it matters.

Footnote:  I would like my profession to fully distance itself 
from marketing. This should happen now and without further ado.

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