The Politics of Dementia

At the recent leaders Debate, David Cameron commented specifically on the progress made in  increasing dementia diagnosis rates in NHS England:


I have long had concerns about the ethics of such an incentivised target based approach. Dr Martin Brunet has given this personal view:

MartinNHS England’s policy became known as “cash for diagnosis”:

Leaders Debate, dementia 2 April 2015 (2)Dr McCartney in her current BMJ “no holds barred” offers her view regarding political involvement in matters like this:

Politicians screening for dementia 4 Apr 2015

I have tirelessly advocated for timely approach to the diagnosis of dementia. This has now been enshrined in the “Glasgow Declaration”

Leaders Debate, dementia 2 April 2015

Professor June Andrew’s recently gave the following robust opinion which I do not share:


To conclude, I share the concerns expressed by Dave Forrest:

Leaders Debate, dementia 2 April 2015 (4)

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