System for disclosing hospitality should be transparent

Reply to Drug industry takes great care to be responsible healthcare partner BMJ2011;343doi: (Published 26 October 2011)

Published as a letter in the BMJ, October 2011:

I have in front of me an invitation to a “Changing Faces conference – examining advances in diagnosis and treatment of bipolar I disorder.” This conference is sponsored by here Lundbeck, is certified for continuous professional development but is a symposium to promote asenapine (Syncrest). I would suggest this much is transparent.

I support the pharmaceutical industry, research, innovation and development. But I do not support the mixing of marketing with education. I never will.

Forth Valley NHS has a voluntary system for disclosing “hospitality.” This register has not so far been accessible. Surely we have opacity rather than transparency?’ [1]

Competing interests: None declared.

System for disclosing

[1] Whitehead, S. Drug Industry takes great care to be a responsible healthcare partner. BMJ 2011;343d6695 (26 October

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