Mapping conflict of interests

The following original research, which maps conflicts of interest, has been published in the current BMJ. It reveals that industry is FLOURISHING in the ‘healthcare ecosystem’ and concludes that: “Policies for conflict of interests and publicly available data are lacking, suggesting that enhanced oversight and transparency are needed to protect patient care from commercial influence and to ensure public trust”.

The Royal College of Psychistrists has never supported Sunshine legislation which would ensure full transparency of competing financial interests in the ‘healthcare ecosystem’.  The Royal College of Psychistrists has gone no further than stating that sunshine legislation “is a matter for the Government to decide”. 

In relation to this subject, the following statements have been made by practising psychiatrists [all members of the  The Royal College of Psychiatrists and in some cases most senior officers of the College]:

* Sunshine legislation is "a label" and "a misguided pursuit".

* "It is propaganda to [suggest that] psychiatry is influenced by industry".

* "In relation to 'Sunshine' campaign I do not believe that professional Royal Colleges should express a view on the topic".

* "Big Pharma Conspiracies are on a par with the Illuminati, 9/11 deniers, New World Order conspiracies, David Icke reptilians and other mass delusions".

In First Do No Harm: The report of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review, Baroness Cumberlege recommends the introduction of Sunshine legislation.

The General Medical Council [GMC] has called for Sunshine Legislation to be introduced.

This post reveals why we should all be concerned if a Royal College choses to ignore the recommendations of the Cumberlege Review and the General Medical Council:

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