New dawn for transparency

The front page of the BMJ [Saturday, 29 May 2021]:

In which this news was shared:

And this was the supporting Editorial:

This was the front page of The Sunday Post, a day after the BMJ front page:

The investigation behind the Sunday Post front page can be read  in full here.

As an NHS doctor of 25 years, on a daily basis, I came across patients who were suffering from the effects of dependence on prescribed drugs [such as pain killers, antidepressants, and antipsychotics]. Drugs that they had taken in good faith but found that they could not stop without withdrawal effects [which not uncommonly were both severe and protracted].

My view:
Scottish Universities should not be adverts for commercial interests. Science is based [a priori] on objectivity and this requires full transparency. Otherwise there may be a “fictional quality” to Evidence Based Medicine and Informed Consent.

The Scottish Government had an opportunity to lead the way. However, in a decision made behind closed doors – a decision that was not shared with the Scottish Parliament – the Scottish Government chose to ignore the voice of the people .

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  1. Dr. Peter Gordon. I live in California but everything you said on a ZOOM podcast with Mark and Casey is what I’ve been screaming for so many years. I had miserable in patient experiences. I have been thinking for years is a problem created by the use of psychopharmacology. Unfortunately, there is, not in our lifetime, to learn about the harmful effects of these medications. Not only do we not know the effects of one drug, we have no knowledge how medication drugs and dosages affect in tandem. People are always changing their “cocktail”. I’ve been bon 12 different medications at once. I’ve been on Klonopin for over 25 years, starting to withdraw. I would love at some point have a conversation with you, only if that is agreeable to you. 3 years ago I sent an email to Dr. Stone sharing your theory of FND. I’m rambling, I’m sorry..

    1. Dear Jonnie,
      Thank you for this message. I will contact you by e-mail. It would be good to chat and share thoughts and experiences.

      aye Peter

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