What keeps corporate power hidden from doctors?

This letter by Dr David B Menkes has just been published in the BMJ. Unfortunately it is not included in the paper journal that arrived through my letterbox yesterday. Yes, “what keeps corporate power hidden from doctors?”. I think this letter provides some thoughtful considerations on this subject and is worth sharing widely:

(1) McKee M, Steele S, Stuckler D. The hidden power of corporations. 

(2) Mansfield PR, Lexchin J, Wen LS, et al. Educating health professionals about drug and device promotion: advocates’ recommendations. 

(3) Sagarin BJ, Cialdini RB, Rice WE, Serna SB. Dispelling the illusion of invulnerability: the motivations and mechanisms of resistance to persuasion.

(4) Loewenstein G, Sah S, Cain DM. The unintended consequences of conflict of interest disclosure.

(5) Steinman MA, Shlipak MG, McPhee SJ. Of principles and pens: attitudes and practices of medicine housestaff toward pharmaceutical industry promotions.

(6) Menkes DB, Masters JD, Bröring A, Blum A. What does “unpaid consultant” signify? A survey of euphemistic language in conflict of interest declarations. 

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