8th March 2018, happy birthday Andrew!

Do you remember this:

Here are some of the things that you said when you were a wee boy:

“Daddy, when you are a small-boy, I’ll change your nappy!”

When watching The Wizard of Oz: “Where is the tin-man’s willy?”

At 6pm:“Tonight we’ll play all day!”

When my wallet was stolen at work: “Don’t worry Daddy, I’ll BUY you some money!”

“For Christmas I’ll buy Granny & Grandma Easter-eggs!”

“Daddy, Look! I can blink with both eyes!”

When Tiger Woods won the Open Golf Championship, Sunday 23rd July 2000: “Can Tiger Woods come
and play at my house?”

When Sian was 8 months pregnant with Rachel: “Mummy, will your tummy reach the ceiling?”

From your mum's diary:

SATURDAY THE 8th MARCH 1997- just after midnight :
Regular contractions every five to ten minutes. Not going away this time-have to wake-up Peter. By
the time we travel into Aberdeen they’re every three to four minutes.

There is what looks like a comet over Westhill!

No time for any analgesia other than Entonox. My midwife is Maureen. About 3:30 AM the trace is showing late decelerations and I want to push. The registrar is called but in the meantime an episiotomy is performed. Andrew is born at 04:04 hours – how symmetrical!

We go to see him in the nursery. But he is in an incubator with a drip in his foot and looks well and hungry. Perhaps we can cuddle him later – they are pleased with his progress.

I have a shower and a move to a single room in Ashgrove ward. Peter goes home for a sleep, but first telephones Grandparents and Great Granny with the news.

After the ward round, Andrew can try feeding, so a first parents nappy change (in the incubator) is carried out and he takes a little breast milk. This is to continue four hourly.

A first visit from grandparents Williams – to visit me in the afternoon then Andrew in the evening. They are very impressed but worried that he is in the nursery.

Unfortunately overnight his temperature is up a little and the drip has to be resited in his scalp. A lumbar puncture is unsuccessful.

Andrew remains well, his temperature is fine. Probably the incubator was too warm. Four hourly feeds and changes continue.

Visited by all grandparents and Catriona. Peter is doing very well, coping with all this!

However, another hiccup overnight – Andrew does not feed and his blood sugars drop and he requires a nasal-gastric top-up with formula milk. Progress with reducing the drip is interrupted.

Thankfully, he is feeding again. He is now in a cot much to his grandparents relief. I have a go at the breast pump. He should be back to the ward soon. He is transferred to the Pre-Discharge Section of the nursery.

Good news – Andrew is transferred to be with me at 3.30 PM. He continues to feed well and has regained his birth weight.

Grandparents can at last have a proper cuddle and are duly delighted. Peter continues to be a tower of strength and it makes me cry to see him with his son. I have had no other weepiness!

My first night with Andrew seems to have gone fairly well. All grandparents visit today and the cameras go wild! Peter spends time at the hospital for a rest after they’ve all gone.

Fingers crossed for discharge today. Andrew has a second check by the paediatrician and performs beautifully for the medical students. His Jaundice is a little better and as yesterday’s SBR is satisfactory we can go home.

Peter goes to collect the car seat – Andrew and I are visited by David Wintour.

Andrew has put on a whole pound since last week. He has also learned to chew his hands and is starting to smile.

FOUR WEEKS Definitely smiling!

SIX WEEKS Andrew is a wonderful baby but is still feeding every three hours including at night.

SIX WEEKS and TWO DAYS – A laugh and a wink

TWO MONTHSAndrew really enjoys his bath. At bath time his eyes light up.

Sian is now back to work. The miraculous Andrew sleeps all night, guzzles seven bottles a day and enjoys visiting Linda Robertson the childminder and her two little girls. Baths remain a favourite, as is his reflection, and crisp packets!

Andrew started eating just before four months of age. He loves bananas and beans! This week (last week in June) has seen several new skills – recognising his name, rolling over and blowing raspberries. He has been very spoilt by his grandparents while Linda is on holiday.

Everyone is called Dad.

Andrew can roll from one end of the kitchen to the other and can nearly sit up unsupported. He is beginning to get a little wary of strangers but has big smiles for Mummy and Daddy.

He eats tea biscuits and enjoys a more varied to diet at meal times. His Gran has taught him to clap his hands and he loves his bouncer.

He is a big beautiful boy!

SEVEN MONTHS – Sitting unsupported.

14th OCTOBER 1997two bottom teeth!

8th DECEMBER 1997after a few weeks of crawling backwards, he can now manage FORWARDS!

22nd DECEMBER 1997 two top teeth!

21st JANUARY 1998two more teeth. Andrew crawls very efficiently and walks along the furniture.

14th APRIL 1998walking holding hands.

17th APRIL 1998a few independent steps.

17th MAY 1998 walking Independently!

“A dragon is forever but not so little boys, painted wings
and giant wings make way for other toys…..”

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