He’s an elemental air-spirit

This post considers Ariel from The Tempest through the retelling of ‘The Fletcher Correctional Players’. I would thoroughly recommend ‘Hag-Seed’ by Margaret Atwood.

hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-1 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-2

One of my alter-ego’s is the hunched pharmacist Gilbert Farie: hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-3 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-4 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-5

hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-7 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-8 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-9

hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-10 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-11Dunkeld mortar & pestle1 (3)hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-12


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