Lanrick castle (demolished)

Lanrick castle was once seat of the Haldanes of Gleneagles. Later it was the seat of the Murray and MacGregor families. For more than the last 100 years Lanrick has been the estate of the Stroyan family and descendents.

Lanrick castle was demolished in 2002.

As a child I remember visiting the castle, approaching it from the striking gables and railings of the North Lodge. This approach is now lost in vegetation. Lanrick house was emptied for good in 1967. The year of my birth.

[in] the Teith of time from omphalos on Vimeo.

This film is dedicated to one person alone: that is Sandy Dickson who died in 2000 aged 14 years.

Please donate to the Sandpiper Trust which was set up in memory of Sandy Dickson to provide emergency medical equipment for rural doctors and nurses in Scotland.

My second film on Lanrick is on the MacGregor Monument and is called “The Folly of it all”

The folly of it all from omphalos on Vimeo.

4 Replies to “Lanrick castle (demolished)”

  1. Hi I’m a novelist who came across your excellent website by accident while researching locations for my next book. Really keen to have a chat on Lanrick…as I’d love to pay it a visit…although your video is first class! If you email me contact details I’d love to give you a call. RJM

  2. Hi, Lanrick Castle was actually occupied right up until the summer of 1979. My grandfather Joseph Nixon was the caretaker there from 1959 til 1979 before moving up to the Golden Gates Lodge on the Deanston back road.

  3. I am the older brother of Malcolm Nixon who posted previously.i have fond memories of lanrick estate having lived there and visiting my is quite an emotional journey back in time.

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