Testimonials for Dr P J Gordon

I resigned from NHS Forth Valley on the 6th June 2014. This was a very sad day for me as I had worked as a Consultant in older adults in Clackmannanshire for nearly 13 years. I hugely miss the people of Clackmannanshire and wish to reaffirm my sincere gratitude to the small team that I was very lucky to be part of.

I resigned on principle and with an unblemished career.

What follows are some of the kind words that I received before and after I left NHS Forth Valley:003kindness014kindnessThe following message was from a nurse in training who showed exceptional promise:001kindnessFrom a carer:004kindnessFrom a carer:005kindness copyFrom a carer:006kindnessFrom a carer:007kindnessFeedback on my presentation for local CPD:030kindnessFrom a carer:008kindness 009kindnessFrom a member of staff in NHS Forth Valley:010kindnessFrom the Consultant Trainer of Junior doctors in psychiatry in NHS Forth Valley:031kindnessFrom a member of staff in NHS Forth Valley:011kindnessFrom the organiser of the Carers Support Group:1111From a GP who works in Clackmannanshire:013kindness1From a patient:033kindnessFrom a carer who, before I was involved, had significant concerns about the care given to her loved one in NHS Forth Valley:abcFrom a GP who works in Clackmannanshire:015kindnessFrom an NHS Forth Valley Consultant colleague in Psychiatry for Older Adults:016kindnessFrom a nurse:missedFrom a member of staff in NHS Forth Valley:020kindnessFrom a nurse:wwFrom a Healthcare Assistant:022kindnessFrom my secretary:principlesFrom a number of folk with lived experience::024kindnessFrom an ethicist:transparencyFrom a patient to NHS Forth Valley:026kindnessFrom a patient to NHS Forth Valley:027kindness028kindnessThe reference that was given to NHS Forth Valley before my Consultant interview in 2002:029kindness