Films for SIAN

A hopeless case:

The wedding of Peter and Sian:

The manner of what we make defines us:

The North and South Inches:

Together we are an endless conversation:

Something of the sky:

a feeling of being suspended between the sky and the sea:

The Fair Maid of Perth:

In the middle:

What was it that you saw?:

No more white coats:

The anatomy of emotion:

464A ALLELE 12

St Johnstone win the Scottish Cup [17 May 2014]:

Imagine being a colour and a feeling:

‘Fugitive from Girgenti’:

Charlotte’s Cave:

Beautiful summer:

You are my world:

The Great Garden:

That small place in the whole of time:

Seeds in the wind:

We stopped listening and kept on leaping:

She said nothing and she shone:

A person has to be transcendent somewhere:

Between the scavenger and the philosopher:

Windsor Gardens:

‘When you say I like biscuits’ (nuces philosophicae):

Part of:

He Loved the light itsel’:

Wheesht to your omphaloi:

Green grow the rashes o’:

Ageing is Truth:

The beginning of wisdom:

Somewhere on the other side of the afternoon’s horizon:

Being here and now and together: