The ruins of Erskine Beveridge

Dear Fraser, I wanted to share a preview of material that I hope will form the basis of a short film on Vallay. Not all material may be used and I hope to include film clips of the island from above and maybe close-up clips of tidal sea . . . I hope this is okay with you. Let me know if not and please feel free to share ideas/thoughts!

The black slides, with your text in white, will be overlays upon images/film clips of Vallay. The white slides, with your text in black, will be stand-alone, with slow zoom to the rhythm of the music.

I may use music by James Ross, as he is a friend of mine, and we have worked together on several films for Alexander Mccall Smith. It is likely that I would use one of the tracks from his album ‘Chasing the Sun’

I tend to keep any narration [my voice], as spare as possible, however it is likely that my voice will introduce the film somewhere near the ‘beginning’ . . .

aye Peter


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