Muir o’Gill

I noted an unnamed but inhabited place marked by a dot on the first Ordinance Survey map of Strathearn. It had a wall round it and tracks to it, but no name. A later map confirmed that it was Muir o’Gill.

With Sian I visited Muir o’Gill on Sunday 23rd September 2018. It is now a tumbling ruin: roofless and overgrown with Ivy. The undergrowth and copse of trees now hide it completely. It’s history is forgotten.

I have been able to find out very little about Muir o’Gill but it was still inhabited in 1940 by a Mr Neil Menzies.

This film is for the Menzies family. Strathearn remains most beautiful country.

Music credit:

‘Into my arms’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

With thanks to Julian Barnes, Anton Chekhov, Edwin Morgan and Evelyn Waugh