Lathallan House

Lathallan House was a once opulent home, originally constructed in 1826 in the Tudor style, with touches of Scottish Baronial. Sadly, it has been neglected for a number of years, culminating in a recent fire. However, the building itself is still impressive, despite the sad state in which it currently sits.

At Lathallan, Henry Salvesen built, in his workshop, Scotland’s first car. It was steam powered.

A lifelong friend of Salvesen called him “the pioneer and genius”. But nobody today seems to recall this.

Lathallan roundabout on the M9 sits in front of Lathallan’s ruin. It is a busy roundabout circled by motor vehicles 24 hours.

This film was made the day David Bowie died.

The film also pays homage to writers dead and alive: like Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson along with Penelope Fitzgerald. Like T.S Eliot I have adopted some of their words and rearranged them as a Little Spartan.

This film is also an appreciation of Sandy McCall Smith and his wonderful philosophy of life.





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  1. Interesting piece of research on this building. Difficult to read much new on the property, however I did find some material and pictures in your blog I hadn’t come across before, so thanks of that.

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