Lathallan House

This film is about Lathallan House, near Polmont.

At Lathallan, Henry Salvesen built, in his workshop, Scotland’s first car. It was steam powered.

A lifelong friend of Salvesen called him “the pioneer and genius”. But nobody today seems to recall this.

Lathallan roundabout on the M9 sits in front of Lathallan’s ruin. It is a busy roundabout circled by motor vehicles 24 hours.

This film was made the day David Bowie died.

The film also pays homage to writers dead and alive: like Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson along with Penelope Fitzgerald. Like T.S Eliot I have adopted and adapted some of their words and rearranged them as a Little Spartan.

This film is also an appreciation of Sandy McCall Smith and his wonderful philosophy of life. McCall Smith is an admirer of my films