Clinterty, Gamrie:

This film covers the topic of suicidal behaviour. It is an independent film that asks only that we do not biomedically reduce this subject. ‘Brain chemistry’ may be a part of the story, but it is only a part. A person is more than the brain: a person lives in the real world. Thus the brain does also.

The filmmaker is particularly indebted to the balance that Leon Eisenberg has brought to a science that he argues must be more inclusive. The qualitative is not subsiduary to the quantitative. Mary Midgley also argues this.

Two further explanations:
(1) This individual was real. He has no relation whatsoever to the filmmaker. NO DNA is shared. The question one may ask: Has ‘neurogenetic determination’ been overplayed in our time when trying to understand mental suffering?

(2) The filmmaker has no religion. He stands antithesis in front of the gates of Auchmair.