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In the shadow of Dumyat, Blairlogie has been associated with witches and warlocks dating back centuries. The devil was said to appear as a Black Dog dancing with the witches on the Witches Craig behind the ruins of Auld Logie Kirk. People still meet there and there are always signs of campfires on the grassy top of this craig. I n 1610, the presbytery sacked the reader at Logie Kirk because it was said that gypsies — then known as Egyptians — had bewitched him. There is a story about an elder of that church who saw a black figure on the Witches Craig. He put a silver coin in his gun and shot at it only to find that he had killed a goat. It was then generally believed that a silver bullet was required when dealing with the Devil and his assistants.

At Jerah, now a ruined house in Menstrie Glen behind Dumyat, somebody called Auld Donald was said to lure people to a gorge where they fell to their deaths. Close by Jerah, at a place called Ashentrool, which is now run down, lived Auld Meg of Ashentrool. She and another old woman called Black Kate of Parsonleys were believed capable of making people ill.

Dawsone Hutchone
In Aschintrule, 
Parish of Logie 
Stirling Commissary Court CC21/5/1 
Cairnis Thomas 
In Aschintraill, 
Parish of Logie 
TD Dunblane Commissary Court CC6/5/4
Duncanson Helen 
Widow of Peter Henderson in Ashentrool, 
Parish of Logie 
TT Dunblane Commissary Court CC6/5/30