Spending a penny

Hands up (hopefully washed) those of you who can remember paying one penny for a pee? Last time I was in Waverley Station, I seem to recall that the going … Continue reading Spending a penny

East Princes Street Gardens

This post shares a little of the history of East Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. I am indebted to the work of Connie Byrom as published in this book: Connie dedicated … Continue reading East Princes Street Gardens

“A public nuisance”

It is my view that Helen Nicholson was not a “rogue” but a victim. I have not been able to find out when she died or what happened to her … Continue reading “A public nuisance”

“A respectable looking man”

Duncan Paton looks most respectable in this mugshot. So much so that I felt compelled to try and find out more about him and the life that he had lived. … Continue reading “A respectable looking man”