‘Tomb of the Red Lady’

This film is about a mausoleum in Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh. The mausoleum no longer survives as it was heavily vandalised and had to be demolished in the late 1980s [the … Continue reading ‘Tomb of the Red Lady’

‘Wife of Otto’

In front of Dunblane cathedral there is a dark marble grave with a fallen cross. The design is very stark and the fallen cross long and thin. It looked manly. … Continue reading ‘Wife of Otto’

“naked as Achilles ran three times round”

Charles Robert Cockerell (1788 –1863) was an English architect, archaeologist, and writer. He went on an extended Grand Tour lasting seven years, mainly spent in Greece. He was involved in … Continue reading “naked as Achilles ran three times round”

And. The. Just / Who.

John Matheson of Bennetsfield followed the Earl of Cromarty in 1745, in support of Prince Charles, and fought on that side, with some of his brothers, on the fatal field … Continue reading And. The. Just / Who.