A letter in the BMJ

References: Davies J, Moncrieff J, Kinderman P, et al; Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry. Stigma and efficacy of taking antidepressants. Letter to the editor. Times 2018 Feb 23. Burns W. Pills for … Continue reading A letter in the BMJ

The matoke eaters

When I worked in Kampala I was fed by local families. They were ever so kind to me. Every day we eat matoke (green bananas) – it was delicious. This … Continue reading The matoke eaters

Serotonin is a vasoconstrictor

This is a letter from 1954 by Dr Alfred Letchner and published in the British Medical Journal

Psychiatry in General Practice (the early 1990s)

The following editorial was by Dr James Guy Edwards. It was published the year before I started training in psychiatry: The author was Editor of this Text Book: The first … Continue reading Psychiatry in General Practice (the early 1990s)