Peter’s Lost Marbles

This film, made in 2011, which voiced my disquiet about the enthusiasm for the early diagnosis of dementia, generated such a defensive response that I felt I had to remove … Continue reading Peter’s Lost Marbles

My retirement

I have been considering, for some time now, whether I should continue doing what I do in terms of what some refer to as ‘activism’. My interest is in ethics, … Continue reading My retirement

“Nothing but waffle”

On the 9th January 2018, Brian Whittle, MSP, began his questioning of those giving evidence on Targets and Indicators with this statement:  

Protected: Finding balance

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Here is a story

The following excerpts are taken from the Scotsman, 28th December 2017: Targets are based on numbers that are intrinsically accredited primacy. But numbers cannot begin to tell a story. Here is a … Continue reading Here is a story

NHS Targets: learning from experience

The following Report was published in November 2017: The Foreword began [highlights are mine]: The Report author Sir Harry Burns states: “experience with existing targets and indicators has been positive in … Continue reading NHS Targets: learning from experience

Not fitting the pattern

This is a post about the mental health debate held at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 6th January 2015. Alexander McCall Smith wrote to me recently recommending this book (appreciating … Continue reading Not fitting the pattern

Scotland’s approach to Dementia Diagnosis

On the 30th October I received this most helpful reply from Alex Neil, MSP, Cabinet Minister for Health and Wellbeing for the Scottish Government. The full letter is as follows … Continue reading Scotland’s approach to Dementia Diagnosis

PART II: Dementia: who is in the “driving seat”?

INTRODUCTION: In Part II of my review of dementia I am going to offer my personal “journey” through policy developments in the UK over the year past. To help you … Continue reading PART II: Dementia: who is in the “driving seat”?