What Price Depression?

The above paper was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 1994 with the support of SmithKline Beecham Ltd. What Price Depression? This is an important question. Please click … Continue reading What Price Depression?

Mind that child

Mind that child: To play this short film please click here or on the image above. Opening audio: Storytelling – Sunday Morning, Radio Scotland, 23rd Oct 2022 Music credit: Big … Continue reading Mind that child

Go seek adventures

This question was asked in last week’s Sunday TIMES: Of course there is no complete data to refer to but it is thought that Don Quixote tops the list. It … Continue reading Go seek adventures

‘The garden was looking glorious on a damp Summer’s day’

I was delighted to see this photograph of Little Sparta inSaturday’s Scotsman. I met Ian Hamilton Findlay at Little Sparta in 1992. As an artist and poet few other Scots … Continue reading ‘The garden was looking glorious on a damp Summer’s day’