Love me tender

Yesterday, the kindest of land owners took me more than a mile up the hill to Shielbrae. Year-after-year Shielbrae won every award for its Tups: Love me tender: To play … Continue reading Love me tender

Spa Magazine No. 1

Spa Magazine No.1: To play this short film please click here or on the image above. Music credit: A cover of – All My Friends [LCD SoundSystem song] by CaptainInternets 

Who owns the land?

This image, as printed in Scotland on Sunday, 21 March 2021,  returned my thoughts to the Cabrach, and a series of films that I made long ago:

Platform 11

There was once a very special garden located where today folk arrive to, and leave from, Waverley Station, Edinburgh. This Physic garden sat at the east end of the Nor … Continue reading Platform 11