pictures of you

For Sian. Pictures of you: Music credits: [1] Jennifer She Said – Lloyd Cole unplugged, 2016 [2] Pictures of You – Brandon McCulloch’s cover of a song by The Cure … Continue reading pictures of you

remembering you

Durn House, Portsoy, September 2022: Remembering you: To watch this short film please click here Opening audio: Robert Wrigley on Radio Scotland, 25 Sept 2022: ‘The distracted generation’ Music credit: … Continue reading remembering you

tomorrow unknown

Durn House, Portsoy [end of September 2022] tomorrow unknown: To play this short film please click here. Old Cine Clip: Banffshire in Action, 1961. Moving Image Archive Music credits: [1] … Continue reading tomorrow unknown

odds & ends [revisited]

Two years ago [or there-aboot] I visited an abandoned Draper’s Shop in Buckpool. Following this visit I made a rather odd film [see below]. Last week, with Sian and ‘Big … Continue reading odds & ends [revisited]