Delirium screening (some years later)

Over three years ago I wrote this summary of my concerns about mandatory delirium screening. The consequences for me in writing this were life changing: the reality of having the courage to … Continue reading Delirium screening (some years later)

Yellow socks and handstands

There is a lot of effort in NHS Scotland to raise awareness amongst healthcare staff about delirium, using statements like this: Delirium is a very complex state and it is … Continue reading Yellow socks and handstands

A letter to Professor Jason Leitch

In this post I reply to Professor Jason Leitch, whose letter of the 2nd June 2015 on Haloperidol prescribing to Scotland’s elderly can be read here:   This is the … Continue reading A letter to Professor Jason Leitch

Re-labelling (and a bit)

I read this book recently: This book reminded my of a protocol issued by an NHS Board in Scotland: As a doctor who tries his best to follow evidence-based medicine, … Continue reading Re-labelling (and a bit)