Puir Ticky, ye hae ticket lang

This lovely poem ticks [still loud] alangside my hairt beat! T. A. Johnston include this poem in “A Very Parochial Anthology’. The watch in the background wis Rabbie Burn’s vairy … Continue reading Puir Ticky, ye hae ticket lang


For all the time that we have lived in Bridge of Allan a launderette called SPA CLEAN has operated on Henderson Street. Last year however it closed. A temporary message … Continue reading ZERO WASTE SHOP

Odin’s Raven Magic

I have been listening to Odin’s Raven Magic by Sigur Rós. I used two tracks from this enchanting album, Stendur aeva and Dagrenning, in my film about the experience of … Continue reading Odin’s Raven Magic

Dare to be Wise

Malcolm Allan of Coneyhill, Bridge of Allan.