When I began my training in Psychiatry Paraldehyde was occasionally still used, particularly in the ‘Forensic ward’. You could smell it on opening the locked door to the Forensic ward. … Continue reading PARALDEHYDE

flight of ideas

“Flight of ideas” is a term considered by psychiatry to represent “pathology”. It is included in International diagnostic criteria for major mental illness. For many years now I have collected … Continue reading flight of ideas


In offering this ‘No Holds Barred’ perspective in the BMJ, Dr Margaret McCartney concludes: “Doctors should seek independent education. In fact, we should all do so – including MPs, guideline committees, … Continue reading H.O.P.E.

The “Outsiders” exhibition

By chance I recently came across this in the archives of the BMJ. It was published in the Materia Non Medica section of the 2nd March 1979:

Sign Guideline 98: Autism Spectrum Disorders

I was recently asked by Autism Rights if SIGN Guideline 98 had records of financial interests for all those involved in developing this national guideline. The answer is no. Along … Continue reading Sign Guideline 98: Autism Spectrum Disorders

Lifting Lidz

Written by Dr Peter J. Gordon, 25th February 2011 Response to the Re-appraisal: Neurodevelopmental hypothesis of schizophrenia, British Journal of Psychiatry, March 2011.  In this reappraisal, the authors contend … Continue reading Lifting Lidz

Bathwater and the baby

Response to the Editorial: The ‘continuum of psychosis’: scientifically unproven and clinically impractical.The British Journal of Psychiatry (2010) 197, 423-425 This response was published  in the Br J Psychiatry This … Continue reading Bathwater and the baby