“Reassuring results”

This “systematic umbrella review” by Dragioti et al was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA]on the 2 October 2019. The President of the Royal College of … Continue reading “Reassuring results”

Akathisia and suicide

Two weeks ago I sent the following letter to the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and England’s National Lead for Suicide Prevention. I have had no acknowledgment of … Continue reading Akathisia and suicide

Artificial light

At the end of last year the sodium street lamps in our street were updated and the light changed from sodium yellow to electric white. As odd as this may … Continue reading Artificial light

‘a good first step to greater understanding’

This was part of the Queen’s speech on the 25th December 2018. Here are some recent posts by me which consider the need for respectful relations. This is a matter … Continue reading ‘a good first step to greater understanding’

“When do researchers lie?”

This article, by Doctor Simon Wessely, was published in the Irish Independent on Tuesday 1st November 1994.

Crappy Branded Stuff

It has been many years now since ABPI introduced a new Code that put an end to the ‘gifting’ of relatively low value merchandise to healthcare professionals from industry representatives. … Continue reading Crappy Branded Stuff

The Scottish Public Want Sunshine

There is a long standing joke about the lack of sunshine in Scotland. Three years ago I began the process of raising a petition with the Scottish Parliament to urge … Continue reading The Scottish Public Want Sunshine

“Trust is generally being eroded”

Last week I watched with much interest the 52nd Maudsley debate. The motion debated was: “This house believes that the use of long term psychiatric medications is causing more harm than … Continue reading “Trust is generally being eroded”